Beginning ideas and tips for using Photoshop

Beginning ideas and tips for using Photoshop

For those who first open Photoshop, it may seem like going into an alien software. The multiple buttons on both sides along with a great big color spectrum and other nonsensical menu buttons on tops might get most people googling for freelancers instead. But for those who want to learn Photoshop, bear in mind that it is not something that can be learn within hours. So if you have a deadline this evening and you’re starting now, you would be wasting your time and will end up with nothing. So if you are serious about learning Photoshop, then do it with some free time and with plenty of breaks in between.


Getting used to layers

In Photoshop and also in any Adobe software the most basic thing you work on is called a layer. A layer is where you put your graphics and using different layers for separate graphics allows you to freely manipulate them. If you put all your design work into one layer it will get extremely difficult for you to change things in the middle of designing. The layers panel shows up on the right side of the window and initially will show up as Layer 0 or background with a lock mark. You will have to get rid of the lock mark to get any work done (drag and drop to the trash can (on the panel’s right bottom) or double click on the layer). Every time you add a graphic or add any element into your work, do so by adding a new layer (the small sticky note kind of button on the bottom of the panel along with the trash can; you can also add a layer by right clicking on the panel and going to ‘new layer’). It’s also considered a good idea to name the layers when you are adding them as it makes it easy for you to locate them when editing.


Using the color spectrum

You can get all the shades of the world and some in the color spectrum available on the side. So when you do a text layer or a polygon/ box or something and you want to choose a color then go to the color change tool and simply click on the spectrum on the right side to get the color you want. You can also select a color from the two color boxes on the left bottom-ish. The two color boxes on the left respectively stand for ‘Foreground color’ and ‘Background color’. It is also something you will need to learn to manipulate when you want to put two different shades for the fill color and line color of a box or so.

Photoshop is relatively easy to get used to but you will need a lot of breaks when you hit the wall of learning and end up running to confusing steps on tutorials.



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